Artistic Intervention In Praia da Rocha (Portimão)

Seeking to broaden the interest of young people, and of the population in general, by Arte in Portinão, We designed a project of urban intervention: ROCHA ST.ART where we will decorate the EDP electricity boxes in Praia da Rocha with reproductions / reinterpretations, of monuments, people and / or iconic characters and artistic and architectural details, through an artistic intervention.

Brief Description of Project:
The ROCHA ST.ART project will live, for the Community, in general, from its street intervention, at the moment when we decorate the EDP electricity boxes.

The ROCHA ST.ART project will be developed in three phases: iconographic research, preparation of materials and final intervention.

In iconographic research phase, the collection, analysis and selection of "targets" the work will be done, whether monuments, people, details, etc. Each location of the electricity boxes will be indexed an image and an artistic technique.

In the preparation phase materials, will be constructed / prepared the necessary materials for the realization and will be timed intervention.

The final intervention is an effective intervention in urban space, coordinated by the artist Fly Pontes.

During the intervention we will give a presentation of the Project at Poeta António Aleixo Secondary School in Portimão. This presentation intends an approach of the young to the art giving them to know new forms of artistic expression. The possibility to see, live, and participate in the paintings of some of the cabinets that will be targeted for intervention.